Protest Songs

A great inspirational film about the new wave of protest songs and political artists of today has been touring the film festival circuit and we hear it will be released on DVD in May 2011. It examines the growing alienation felt by many in America and the new politicized musicians who are energizing a movement […]

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For those who say that protest songs don’t matter anymore, events in North Africa and the Middle East demonstrate that the powerful nature of political music is not finished.

Tunisia’s best known rapper, Balti, was arrested in 2005 for his many protest songs because they directly challenged the oppressive North African regimes. His recent recording, […]

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Cry Freedom

On March 5, 2011 By

We’ve just watched the film ‘Cry Freedom’ about the struggle for freedom in South African and the murder of Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko by South African police. It is chilling to watch how authority operates to misrepresent events and suppress opposition through propaganda, violence and banning anybody and anything who gets in the way, including […]

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